Samstag, 12. November 2016

A.C. 200: Wintersalon

Hello and Welcome everybody to our Artistic Challenge No. 200!

Wintersalon is a tradition in my family, usually at the last weekend in November. It´s a good time to invite your friends and family, to eat cookies and have a cup of coffee or punch and talk about the year coming to an end, to show some artwork, to listen to music etc.

a teabag angel

This year we organize the Wintersalon together with my friend Chris and her family. She and I did some artistic projects together, for example Chris designed my artcalendar and made prints of my daily project drawings on textile - which is really exciting for me!

the tiny Salonière with a daily project girl

And  now I am looking forward to visit the other virtuell Wintersalon hosts:

Ariane, Eric, Sue, Annton, Lucia, Leena, Norma, Patrice, Nadine, Roberto, Carole, Tammie, Veronica, Mano (?), Sabine - anyone else?

Anybody outside who would like to get a personal invitation to our Wintersalon in two weeks? 
Contact me by Email and I am happy to send you one!


  1. They are wonderful and look like little angels! Thanks for hosting.
    I just found out that my name is linking to Veronica's site:) - eric

  2. I really like your little paper puppets, they always make me smile.
    And, your art looks wonderful on cloth. I have done a bit of that and though i liked them, I never got the technique down.

    I like your theme. Thank you so much! Lovely weekend and wintersalon to you!

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je suis tout à fait d'accord avec Tammie Lee vos marionnettes en papier sont sublimes, remplies d'innocence et de sensibilité.
    Gros bisous

  4. Thank you for this AC, Stefanie! I can see your beautiful angels here, but, obviously, the most beautiful is the little one in front of the window! Have a nice weekend!

  5. hello, your teabag angels are so lovely. I love the little sketch on the cloth too. and your traditional winter salon sounds lovely also. all my family live hundreds of miles away.. it would be so nice to get together for something like this.
    I haven't managed anything for winter salon yet, Stefanie. I will try over the next couple of days, its been lovely seeing all the other creations though. thank you for hosting.

  6. That's a wonderful tradition Stefanie. I'd love to have something like that in my life. :D Ages and ages ago I used to have late November craft fairs in my home. Those were so much fun. Love the angels. So delicate and ephemeral. Thank you so much for hosting. If I were closer, I'd love to come to your wintersalon.

  7. A good Tradition. I love your Teebag-Angels. Thank you for this Challenge, today it is very cold around here with a golden Sun, perfekt for Wintersalon!
    All the best. Lucia

  8. whoah! i almost forgot i agreed to step inside our 200th post this weekend and celebrate that tiny victory together with everyone. and there you have it, you made us a party we cannot refuse! how recognizable is your dear madam / angel / you! i could recognize her anywhere and seriously think i should. bring her out, make her famous, let her conquer the world!!
    thank you for hosting, stefanie. it is a swell moment. thxs. have a wonderful winter salon...! ♥

  9. Hi Stefanie! That is a very nice tradition, thank you for sharing <3! xo Leena

  10. Liebe Stefanie,
    I love your angels
    and your sweet Salonière with the printed drawing!
    Such a wintersalon is a fine idea
    (oh, I'd come if I could!)

    Ja, thanX for hosting our AC No. 200!
    For me is our connection a virtual salon, too :-)

    Herzlichst, Ariane
    PS: Ist denn so ein Engel bei dir zu erwerben?
    Ich hatte ja mal einen, aber dann, vor zwei Jahren...
    ich bräuchte einen neuen.

  11. So schöne Teengel! Bin ganz entzückt...Liebe Grüße, Taija

  12. I would so love to attend your Winter Salon. It feels good, that traditions like this are being held by not only my family ;-) No seriously, I could think of nothing better but hot drinks and cookies and sitting together. By the way, I would invite all of your teabag girls. Always! Thank you for this wonderful AC topic. xo A.

  13. sorry I didn't make the winter salon challenge.


Danke - thank you - merci bien!