Sonntag, 20. November 2016

A.C. sanctuary - Heiligtum, Zufluchtsort, heiliger Ort

daily project 19.11.

early in the morning today

daily project album


a tiny house
as a reminder of our inner sanctuary
it´s with us anywhere at anytime

Veronica is our fabulous host this weekend.
Thank you!


  1. That's what I feel,
    liebe Stefanie,
    we take our inner sanctuary
    anywhere at anytime.
    I like it very much, that you pt your (daily) drawings into
    different carrier (Träger)
    Is it a wood cut?
    And this pendant? Schööön!

    Ariane. Rose

  2. A tiny house sure can be a reminder of our sanctuary.
    I so enjoyed seeing each piece, some made me giggle.

  3. your tiny house has left a big impression. your artworks are so lovely.

  4. Oh Stefanie, that tiny house pendant! Love it. Love all your tiny house girl drawings. That's the best place to have our sanctuary. :D

  5. you know? your tiny lady and co. and then the importance you allow our inner sanctuary to be in our lives, as it is our "house", is so attractive to me, because houses feel so inspiring to me too... your drawings are FUN, stefanie! n♥


Danke - thank you - merci bien!