Sonntag, 4. Juni 2017

Bilder meiner Ausstellung

Heute endet meine diesjährige Ausstellung im Wasserturm, von 14:00 - 17:00 ist noch einmal geöffnet.
Das Postkartenset gibt es jetzt auch hier und hier, einzelne Postkarten da.
Bei Interesse an Bildern und Zeichnungen, an Siebdruck und Häuserkette bitte ich um eine Nachricht per Email oder den Besuch meiner Webseite - herzlichen Dank!

Frohe Pfingsten und vielleicht ja bis später!

Samstag, 27. Mai 2017

art challenge: birds

It all started when I was asked to paint ravens for a customer
(I do commissions by the way):

A black bird settled down in my daily project sketchbook.

...wish I could fly...

Let´s "fly" to our host Eric and visit more birds!

in my current exhibition

Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

Einladung zu Vernissage und Ausstellung in Konstanz

20. Mai - 04. Juni 2017
im Wasserturm Stromeyersdorf, Turmstr. 30/32, D-78467 Konstanz
am Samstag, 20. Mai 2017 von 16:00 - 19:00
an den Sonntagen 21., 28.5. und 4.6.2017  jeweils von 14:00 - 17:00
und nach Vereinbarung unter +49(0)15122133442 oder per Email

Freitag, 7. April 2017

Special offer: Seltner Originale!!!

Ein paar wohlgehütete Zeichnungen aus den letzten Jahren suchen ein neues Zuhause:

Jede Zeichnung 15€ incl. Versand (deutschlandweit) - bei Interesse gern eine Mail an mich, vielen Dank und herzliche Grüße!

Sonntag, 19. März 2017

A.C. rituals and routine(s)

Ok, I might bore you but: Of cause there is that one big ritual in my life called "daily project". I was thinking about it the last days, when Nadine came up with the theme for our staying alive Art Challenge
And I would say: There are the daily routines like cooking coffee, making toasts for the kids, preparing the lunch boxes etc. 
But the daily project is my holy ritual, it´s like to go in for meditation in the morning: I stand up (and go to the  bathroom) and sit down at the kitchen table and I take my sketchbook and the pencil and immediately I start to draw. Listening to the birds singing, the clock is ticking, my focus on the drawing... 
To share that moment with you I made this selfie:

selfie daily project 18.3.

the same procedure as every day

It´s so romantic, isn´t it? 

Sometimes the truth behind the daily project looks like this:

the heroine thinking of all the routines to come...

Thank you for visiting today and many thanks to Nadine for hosting this A.C.!

Samstag, 4. März 2017

A.C. piggybank

Thank you, dear piggybank, for making it possible to travel
thank you, dear Carole, for hosting this weekend´s Art Challenge 
many thanks to you, dear readers, for visiting today!

from my travel diary:

Samstag, 18. Februar 2017

A.C. tropics

It happened that during this week I finished the first daily project sketchbook of 2017.
It´s a Leporello album and it´s kind of a diary and I had the idea to wrap myself into it.

the tropic aerobic dance
of an introvert exhibitionist
in a frosty bathroom

Many thanks to Ariane (her feet are cold, too) 
for hosting the artistic challenge again and again
and thank you for visiting today!

Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

A.C. pillow

Hello, welcome to the Art Challenge "pillow"!
Thanks to everyone and especially to our participants:
Roberto, Tammie, Veronica, Annton, Carole and Eric and ARIANE

And here is my entry:

Kissenhülle "Regenmädchen"
This is a collaboration with my friend Chris, you might remember the "Wintersalon" last year. It was fun and success and behind the scenes we´re going on... exploring, designing and playing... making plans...
This pillow slip is made from an enherited fabric, dyed, sewed and screen printed in our workshop.
The illustration "Regenmädchen - rain girl" is from my daily project.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and send you cosy greetings!

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

Invitation: A.C. pillow - Kissen

Hello dear friends, all you who love to be part of our Art Challenge!
May I invite you to the new theme:


daily project 1.2.2017

I hope you will come and put your head on my pillow A.C.!
By the way: to learn more about "that A.C. thing" you might visit the lovely Ariane.

See you the 4./5. February - please tell me you are in and I put you to the list!

Thank you!