Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

A.C. pillow

Hello, welcome to the Art Challenge "pillow"!
Thanks to everyone and especially to our participants:
Roberto, Tammie, Veronica, Annton, Carole and Eric and ARIANE

And here is my entry:

Kissenhülle "Regenmädchen"
This is a collaboration with my friend Chris, you might remember the "Wintersalon" last year. It was fun and success and behind the scenes we´re going on... exploring, designing and playing... making plans...
This pillow slip is made from an enherited fabric, dyed, sewed and screen printed in our workshop.
The illustration "Regenmädchen - rain girl" is from my daily project.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and send you cosy greetings!


  1. Superschön! Das gefällt mir! Auf diese Challenge hätte ich auch Lust.
    Liebe Grüße und ein kissig-gemütliches Wochenende!

    1. dankeschön! mach doch mit bei der art challenge!
      x Stefanie

  2. hello Stephanie,
    Thank you for being our host this weekend! I wasn't sure what I would do at first, which is part of the joy and surprise of our lovely AC. Something seems to come as the week wanders by.

    Your art is wonderful on your pillow, it is a treasure!
    Love seeing you cuddled on it too.

  3. Nice to see that you've made a real pillow. Your umbrella drawing is perfect for it. But I can imagine other drawings too on a pillow.

  4. Your pillow so nice, beautiful, liebe Stefanie! I remember it from the Wintersalon and it is ever so fantastic to see ideas come to life. Great job! Keep it on, girl!
    Thank you for hosting. and please,
    add me to your list, because I am ready with my pillow(s) :-)

    Herzlich, Ariane

  5. Beautiful Pillow slip and beautiful blue stone ring!!!! have a nice week!!!!!!!!!

  6. how lovely, stefanie, and so very you!
    this brand should really just be out there, in every shop, you know?
    here's me hoping.
    as you may have realized, i'm not participating...
    in fact still doing last week's AC rounds, answering back, that is...
    have a good week!!

  7. I am absolutely, head over heels into this cushion. Apart from that, thank you for the lovely theme. xo

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pillow and your adventure of exploration!
    On the weekend our little grand daughter noticed your calendar. She thinks you are a very good artist… only a four year old can say.

  9. what a gorgeous pillow! love your art! love the idea of a pillowy art challenge! goign to do some pillow art with my kids tonight!!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!